Tim's first day.

Last Wednesday was Tim's first day at Boeing. Well, technically, it was not his first real day because he was just signing paperwork and doing orientation stuff and getting a name badge. But I still went with him to support him and make sure he got there on time and we thought it would be fun to have a lunch adventure afterwards. Our plan was to find a new place in Long Beach and spend the day exploring.

It really seemed like a solid plan at the time. Then I realized I'm not that good at adventure. At least, I'm not that good at lunch adventures. I envisioned we would look up a local restaurant and go! When in reality it was not so smooth... I looked for the local places, but nothing sounded that great, and who knows if it's really good, you know? Also, we are both pretty indecisive people. Tim was driving and I was looking up places, asking him, 'Does this sound good?' And he would shrug and say, 'Yeah, that's fine with me.' [There have been many a fights over neither of us being able to decide what to do. Really.] So I get frustrated because I assume nothing sounds good to Tim, when in reality, he's just the easiest guy to please. It's rare that he's actually craving something very specific. Most of the time, anything sounds good to him.

Long story short, we landed on a teriyaki place that had good reviews. It was pretty good! Tim was not that impressed, but I would definitely go back. I got the chinese chicken salad and Tim got the teriyaki chicken. It was fun to pull off a lunch adventure and I hope in the future I get better at it.
*Also, because I am such a proud wife I had to take a 'first day of work' picture of Tim. My sister, Emily, said it looked just like the 'first day of school' pictures my mom would take of us every year, which made me laugh. It's true. But I am so proud of Tim. He's only been in the field a year and now he is working at Boeing! What an accomplishment! I do not know anyone else who has known what they wanted to be since they were a kid. It's impressive to me how he has known his goal for so long and has worked so hard to get there. Besides that, he works so hard to take care of our little family and prepare for the future. I am so proud to be his wife. 

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