a post about cake.

Not many people know this about me, but I am a sucker for traditions. I love them! When Tim and I got married, I wanted to have even more traditions because we were creating our family. Christmastime was peppered with questions from me like, "Should we do this with our kids?" and "Wouldn't this be a fun tradition?" It's exciting to think of having traditions when we have kids.

So, I've known about the cake tradition for a while. You know, that you are supposed to save your cake topper from your wedding and eat it together on your first anniversary. And boy, I was on board! Because I love traditions, and you know, cake. Cake would be a main food group if I was never concerned with calories.

My mom had saved our cake topper in her freezer, so we stopped by her house on our way to our anniversary getaway. She had stored the cake topper in one of those old gallon ice cream circular tupperware things. It fit perfectly with little room on each side. From there on, this cake went through a lot. It was kind of a miracle it even made it to our hotel room, seriously.

First, I didn't even think about the cake melting. It was frozen for a year, after all. I took the lid off while Tim was driving and realized there was water on the top of it. My innocent desire was to get the water off, so I held it out the window and shook it. And then a gust of wind hit and out of my hand the lid went. Great.

By the time we got it home, a lot of the frosting had just fallen off on of the sides. Lovely. (I did try some of the frosting though and it was delicious.) I decided we should take it to our hotel room in a fancy cake stand. For two reasons, one, I like cake in fancy plates. And two, we had gotten it for our wedding and had not used it yet. So, it seemed like a good plan. But no, again, it was a bad plan. Remember the lid?
I set the cake stand on the floor while Tim drove. There was one moment where Tim had to stop faster than usual and the cake nearly fell out of the stand. This shows a picture of the side of the cake stand. Oh man.
Even then, it was not in terrible shape. Sure, the frosting on one side was basically falling off, but the other side looked good! We could make a blog post just showing the good side! Because that's basically what blogging is all about, right? ;) But no, I couldn't pass up the monstrosity of this cake and the experience of eating it.

We got to the hotel room and it looked like this. Not too bad.
Buuuuuuut thennnnnnnnnnn, we woke up in the morning and it looked like this. It must have melted a little bit and the top layer was sliding off the bottom layer!!
Thank God it was our anniversary and we could finally have some of that cake without looking at how ugly it was anymore. It's a little depressing when you have a picture in your head of feeding each other a perfect cake and enjoying it and everything, you know? But then you realize the cake was FROZEN FOR A YEAR, and then you laugh and love your imperfect little cake.

For all that it went through, it was pretty tasty. I liked it at least, Tim is not a fan of cake. It was more about the tradition for him.
What a lovely adventure. And delicious, too!

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