birthday & anniversary weekend, part 2.

One of the best parts about going on a mini vacation to Laguna is the public transportation in the summer. There is a trolley that runs all the way down Pacific Coast Highway, and during the summer months, it's free! We parked our car Friday afternoon and did not drive again until Sunday afternoon when we left. It was great because driving in Laguna is nerve-wracking, in any car. (It was especially nerve-wracking when I made Tim drive my manual car a few years ago in Laguna. I'll tell the story another time.)

I also love the trolley because it has those great gold poles that you hold onto when it gets crowded, and they remind me so much of my time in Italy. There was NEVER any room to sit down on the buses in Italy, Bethany and I always stood and held on for dear life.
On our anniversary we got breakfast in bed, which was the best idea ever (except that we woke up earlier than we anticipated and had to wait an hour and a half, since we thought we would sleep in.) Casa Laguna has won awards for their breakfasts, and it is fun to be able to choose from different options than the last time we were there. Tim ordered the french toast and I got lemon waffles... both were great.
Saturday we walked down PCH and went down a random street to hang out at the beach. It was overcast the whole weekend, so we were not that interested in swimming at the beach, but we did have a picnic and explored a little.

Take a second to appreciate Tim's face in this photo, trying to outrun the cold water.
This was the view from our room. It was so beautiful. 
 After dinner, we went back and read books outside together. Obviously, we have very different taste.

I did not know where to put this photo, but I wanted to remember it. Friday night we went to the grocery store and bought food for the rest of the weekend. I love that Tim insists on carrying everything and is always thinking of me before his sore arms. He is the sweetest. And so handsome.


Tim E said...

I herd gone gurl was gud. gonna be a big deal when the movie comes out. You had it before it was cool!


These birthday/anniversary posts are so charming and adorable and full of brilliant photos.