Food adventures

Last night we tried to make pad Thai. We are huge fans and found the ingredients at Sprouts so it seemed like a good plan.

Then we realized we did not have a wok and the eggs turned out funny and the oil was popping and burning my skin. And suddenly I did not want pad Thai because I was convinced it would suck. I am sometimes an awful pessimist even though I claim not to be. I am glad Tim always wants to see things through and is the opposite of me in that way. 

Since we did see it through it was actually a pretty tasty meal. We didn't cook the noodles long enough so they kind of stuck together but the taste was great. That's all that matters to me...

Overall a successful time.

And because I have nowhere else to put this story... Isn't it funny when you have known someone a long time and find out something new about them that blows you away? I have been with Tim over six years and last night he was laying in bed a funny way and I noticed that this guy has a ton of moles on the back of his right leg. Super strange story I know. But it excites me to think that there is still so much I have to learn about Tim. 

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