a concert in the park.

Saturday evening we went to a concert in the park. It was so much fun it made me really sad summer is coming to an end. I love events like this so much. Plus, we were seeing The White Buffalo, and it was free, so you really cannot beat that.

We got there super early to save good spots on the grass and brought a picnic, which was really great. Tim and I got a cute picnic basket for our wedding and I am so glad we registered for it because it is so fun to use! Picnics are our favorite, and it was fun getting to catch up with Tim's sister and just relax together.

Tim especially loved this concert because there were not two hundred sweaty people crowded in a hot bar fighting to get close to the stage. For most of the show, we sat on the grass, and since we had a good spot, it was plenty close to the stage. After hearing more songs, I had to go stand by the stage with some other people who were dancing because it's basically impossible to sit down while listening to the buffalo.
I hope we get to do the same thing next summer. It was totally worth it if you live in the Orange County area.

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