the fair.

Would you believe I had never been to the OC Fair before I met Tim? I remember the first summer we were dating and we hung out in the middle of the day. He had this idea to take me somewhere he thought would be fun, and he did not tell me where, which drove me crazy. I still remember pulling up at the OC Fair and being so excited because I had never gone before. Since that first year, we have gone every year since, and it's a great tradition.
Tim's favorite part of the fair is the garden. I am not sure how, but this guy has grown quite the green thumb. For him, it seems like the most exciting thing about buying a house in the future is being able to grow his own garden. I think it's so great. I picture us eating fruits and vegetables from our garden in the future, and Tim teaching our children about growing plants.
 Other highlights of day included watching a watermelon eating contest, seeing a vendor cut a potato into a rose and give it to Jody, having the BEST mango & strawberry smoothie, and our favorite tradition... the photo booth. It's fun to compare the strip from last year to this years. We took the one last year pretty soon after getting married, and we seemed so young! It's nice to have a year under our belt and to feel like we have really grown.

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