Our friends gave us Disneyland tickets for our wedding and we were really excited to go! However, with school being so busy, we had completely forgotten about them until recently and thought they had expired. We got lucky and saw they expired on June 9, so Tim decided to take Friday off and we went as a 'I'm done with school forever' celebration.
 I swear, Disneyland was so good to us, way better than I ever expected. We never waited for more then 20 minutes on a ride (Tim swears we waited 45 for Star Tours, but I don't believe him. Maybe it just never felt like more than 20, which is good!) Also, Tim wore his Star Wars t-shirt and had no less than 30 people making a comment or smiling at him with a chuckle. One guy read every emotion to his son, another worker called over three different people to read Tim's shirt. It was hilarious because Tim is not used to getting so much attention from strangers.
My favorite 'ride' by far was going in the canoes. Tim swears this has been at Disneyland forever, but I have no recollection and I had definitely never been on it. It was so much fun!
We spent most of the morning and afternoon at Disneyland, then came back home to have dinner and watch Pirates of the Caribbean. We made it through half the movie and then decided we wanted to go back at night when it was cooler (hot weather makes us cranky.) Disneyland at night was even better! My feet were not hurting and everyone was watching shows so we hit up three rides in less than 2 hours. It was great.


Kristiana said...

That is the sweetest, most inventive wedding gift I could ever imagine. Amazing. You two are super cute.


I love this post for so many reasons.