I can't think of a title to adequately convey my happiness.

This is the face of the girl who finished graduate school on Monday. I had Tim take a picture soon after I was done because I wanted to remember every part of how I was feeling. I think the smile says it all. 
Tim knows me well. As soon I was done, he asked, "So what are we doing?!" He knew I would want to do something to celebrate even though it was 9 PM and there weren't many options. We toyed around with a few ideas, but nothing sounded good. I didn't need something epic, I just needed something to really remember the night. Suddenly, a trip to the beach felt perfect. Tim is so good, he was up for anything. 
I owe a lot of my success in this program to Tim. I remember after two weeks into the program Tim came over and I bawled in my room to him about how I could never do it, it was too much work, the papers were too difficult, I sucked at social work, my teachers were mean, blah blah blah. He asked me if I wanted to quit and I said yes, I absolutely wanted to quit. I really didn't know if I could do it anymore, and it had only been a few weeks. He was part of the reason I persevered, and with his encouragement I made it through. 

I also owe a lot to Margarita, who I became instant friends with at orientation and had ALL twenty classes together. We were great at presentations and encouraging each other to avoid procrastination, which hardly ever worked. I love her very much.

What is really funny is after I made friends with a new group of girls (Shannon, Melanie, Shelley, Michelle, and Jeanette) I found out that they all had the same experience as me the first few weeks. We laughed about how we had cried nearly every day and drank lots of wine those first few months. And we all made it through! Their encouragement and laughter kept me going.

While we drove to the beach I looked at Tim and said, "I don't think I have ever been so proud of myself." It's true. I set a goal and made it through and I am damn proud. 

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