sometimes you are left with a freak...

A while back, a piece of garlic we had started to sprout before we could use it. So, I figured I'd plant it and see what came of it.

Now, this was a regular size garlic clove that I had planted. I watered it and watched it grow, tending to it and researching when the best time to harvest the garlic. I eagerly waited and watched as the outer leaves browned - a sign the harvest was upon us.

I finally pulled my little onion (garlic is in the onion genus, Allium, since, if you are like me, it would eat at you to not know what that genus is). What I found was instead of a nice bulb, fit for a dish, I found this little tiny thing! It is a fully grown, miniature garlic!

Sometimes in life, you try really hard to accomplish something and all you are left with is a freak - but a freak that you love...


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