sister time.

Saturday night all three of us were free to hang out! I can't remember the last time we were all together just to have fun, it seems like the only times we get together are for family events or sometimes at church. Tessa and I drove together to Torrance, which was the best because we had time to talk and listen to good music and talk some more. I always feel inspired when I talk with Tessa, she definitely brings out the best in me.

After picking up Emily, we went to Emily's church King's Harbor in Torrance. It was fun to experience a different church than my own and to see how other Christians worship. The message was about spiritual gifts and it made me wonder what my gifts are. I can't say I really know, and it made me thankful that God showed me I need to find them out so I can use them to serve. Overall, the service was really encouraging and uplifting and it was a good way to start our hang out.

When we got back to Emily's, we cooked a delicious meal together. Asparagus (I am currently addicted), scalloped potatoes, and a delicious breaded chicken Emily found the recipe for online. It's so fun to see Emily come into her own as a cook! She gave us some bread she had made and it was really good. Plus, she made pecan balls for dessert and they were heaven. We ended the night with 500 Days of Summer which is the perfect sister movie.

We are hoping to make this a monthly tradition, which I hope happens!

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