a wednesday walk.

I don't think there are many things I enjoy more than an evening walk to the Orange circle with Tim. We seem to have the best talks when we are walking. I loved last Wednesday night when we had the time to just wander around and explore. 
We found a great sandwich place that we really want to try. 
I realized I have a huge love for the way the backs of buildings look in Orange. And signs, I just love all signs for some reason. 
Never get tired of seeing that ring on his finger. 
We ended the night by finding a cute 50's diner and sharing a peanut butter chocolate shake and fried pickle chips. It was delightful.

On the way back home, Tim looked at me and said, "We would have never done this on a Wednesday when we were dating." It's true, we rarely got together before 10 PM when we hung out (except Sundays) and by then it was too late to do much of anything, so we would just watch TV or make a really late dinner. It's so nice to take evening walks around Orange. We love our city so much.


Kristiana said...

pickle chips!!! Where are these at?

Alanah Shuck said...

Ha! Kayleen emailed me asking the same thing. I can't remember the exact name of the place but it's in the same alley where Zito's and Jalapeno's is.

Tim Shuck said...
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Tim Shuck said...

It's called Old Towne Diner. That shake was pretty darn good!