our date night in fisheye.

(getting ready... excuse the messy bed.)
We haven't spent much quality time together lately, so Sunday was our day for a date night. We initially planned on going mini golfing and then heading out to dinner, but on the drive home from church it looked like it would rain. We sat at home trying to decide what to do and then both decided we wanted to play tennis instead. I hadn't played in a few years, but I was excited to get back into the game. Tim showed me a tennis court in a small part that is kind of surrounded by a bunch of trees. No one ever seems to go there and the courts are nice and private. It was a lot of fun! 

Then we came home and decided to watch a movie before dinner and landed on How to Train Your Dragon. We both love it and it was the perfect rainy day type of movie. Afterwards we went to a late dinner and talked about our futures. I have had a lot of stress lately about everything coming up so soon in my life and Tim helped me so much by just listening and offering me support. He's good at helping my self-esteem. 

We had to wait twenty minutes or so to get a good table, so I made him take lots of pictures because he kind of hates it and I love it. 
Dinner was awesome even though our server was a little too ambitious. Tim got the usual and I got this apricot glazed chicken with asparagus, broccoli, and tomatoes. It was amazing. 
Thanks for the date night, husband!

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