quality time.

It's funny, when you get married you think things are going to be so much better than when you date. And they are in a lot of ways, except it seems like you spend WAY less quality time together after you are married. You think, we're going to live together and see each other all the time and sleep next to each other and we're going to spend so much time together you'll get sick of each other. What a myth. It seems like since we have been married we have spent way less quality time together than when we were dating. I attribute it to pure laziness, on both sides. Maybe you think once you get married you have the person, you don't need to go on fancy dates to try and impress each other. Or you are under this ridiculous misconception that quality time is eating dinner while watching TV together--what a bad habit.

This week was one of the hardest in the marriage department. Communication became the most difficult thing in the world and quality time was not even desired. My therapist says that breaking a negative cycle doesn't happen all at once, it's about changing your actions and choices, one at a time. One of my negative cycles is my lack of communication. It's something I have to consciously work on many times during the day. Saturday I made a choice to apologize to Tim and actively work to communicate how I was feeling. This resulted in spending quality time together for the whole weekend and reconnecting. Sunday we went to dinner and just talked for hours about our lives and how things are going. I am so thankful for a man who is my compliment in many ways. We are not opposites and we are not the same person, he is strong where I am weak.

I have no idea why I have been blessed with this man as my husband. He is way too good for me. I just hope that by fixing my negative cycles I can be better for him.

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