saying goodbye.

Tim's grandpa died while we were in Seattle and the funeral was last Saturday in Big Bear. We were shocked and sad to hear of the news, but there were mixed feelings too. When a strong Christian man dies, it is saddening but it is also a happy moment, thinking of him praising his Savior in person. Also, he was reunited with his son (Tim's father) and his first wife, the love of his life.

His funeral was such an encouraging time. Remembering where he came from and seeing how Christ completely made him a new creation was astonishing. Hearing about all the good work he was doing in Big Bear was very uplifting. There were people all over the place who heard of his death and were saddened by it. They said he was a very good man, that he had a great presence in Big Bear, that he was doing the good work and spreading the gospel. That is so encouraging to me.

We will miss him, but we will see him again, and for that hope I am thankful.

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Hannah said...

i'm sure he will have a great time in heaven! with a lot of friends around him!