Italian night.

Bethany let us borrow a cookbook she got as a shower gift, and we were excited to try and make gnocchi. We were having Tim's family over for dinner so we wanted to make something special.

Our appetizer was inspired by the bagna calda dish from The Stinking Rose. We made our own recipe by adding sun dried tomatoes, capers, and onions. It turned out so good! It's pretty much the easiest appetizer ever, which was so nice because the gnocchi was a lot of work.

The gnocchi had a lot of steps but it was fun to do it together. Honestly, up until that very first bite, I thought it was going to be terrible. Upon looking back, I wish I had rolled them into small balls, just so they would look better. But they did taste really good even though they seemed slimy and gross. 

It's not pictured, but we made tiramisu for dessert and it was amazing even though we were rushing to make it before church and thought we had gotten parts of the recipe wrong. 

Bethany and Jody both complimented us on the meal and said it was great! Success! 

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