our business.

This year has marked lots of major changes in our business. For one, we can actually call it a business now, instead of just a hobby. That has been huge for us! We have been photographing all new pictures, which have been turning out better than I imagined because of Tessa being an amazing model and photo editor. And we are getting all our stuff together and paying taxes! So official.

But it never really hit me until I bought this journal at the bookstore a few weeks ago. I have always wanted to keep a pattern book, to just have enough patterns to fill a book. Before I just had a few notes here and there and maybe some documents on my computer, but nothing organized, nothing official. Having an official book of patterns made me really feel the change. This is our year!

I have to say, this business change has also made me fall more in love with my husband. He has been constant through my meltdowns about taxes and schedule-c's and 1099s and inventory. Last night we both fell asleep thinking of an excel spreadsheet he is going to make me in order to keep track of all expenses and income. We're geeks. I love him.

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