in the car...

Sometimes we like to eat Sonic while we talk about our future marriage and what we want it to be like. It just makes things easier when you are expected to eat in the car and you can stay as long as you would like. While we were there, I happily ate and imagined it being like this on our honeymoon. We are both so excited to go on our first trip alone together, and even better, it's a road trip! 

I remember the first time I told Tim I wanted to drive cross country at some point in my life. He thought it was a terrible idea, why would anyone want to be stuck in a car for days? I tried to explain to him that you can never get to know someone better than when you are in a car alone together on a long road trip. It's what I always imagined us doing when we got married, and I am so glad he came around to the idea. 

Hurry up, July. 

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Dana-Marie Kirkland said...

Precious! Ahh road trips are so much fun, what an awesome honeymoon idea.