Yesterday we celebrated 5 years of dating, and it was such a great day! Tim took me to one of our favorite breakfast places, Original House of Pancakes. We got the usual: him--blueberry...her--chocolate chip. It was so nice to sit across from him and laugh and talk about the future and hear about his engineering adventures. (And how much does Tim love me that he will let me take a picture of him in the middle of a crowded restaurant? He used to be so embarrassed and now he just smiles and lets me have my fun.)

Then, Tim had to go to school and I tagged along and worked in the library while he was in class. It's so fun for me to go to school with him because I never get to see him there, where he has probably spent more time than with me. We got Chick-fil-A for lunch and tried desperately to eat on the way home without spilling. (Failure on my part.)

It was so nice to spend the day with my guy and learn more about him and appreciate him even more. We are so excited for July! It's pretty much all we talk about.

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Jean said...

happy anniversary! :)

i think the guys w/ girls that have cameras, better get used to it or already have! :D i can relate! :D