the 100th post is about a sister sleepover!

It makes me happy this is our 100th post. I remember being so excited to get engaged and start a new blog and it has been a lot of fun so far. Tim and I are currently working together to redesign the blog, which I am super excited about too!

 A few days ago Bethany and I had a sleepover at her place in Laguna. The whole time felt like a small vacation. Her and her husband's apartment is so small and quaint and always has the best decorations. Plus, they live across the street from Thousand Steps Beach, so we spent time there, reading and talking about life. I am so thankful for Bethany because we are similar in a lot of ways, but she still challenges me to be the best person, wife, and Christian possible. I always feel affirmed and positive after I leave hanging out with her. Not to mention, I feel inspired creatively whenever I am with her!

She is an artist in every way, especially in cooking. She whipped me up two of the best meals I have had in a long time. Check out this lunch! Made with ciabatta bread, cream cheese, tomato paste, different exotic tomatoes, onion, truffle salt, avocado, olive oil, and probably tons of little things that I am missing. It was absolutely delicious.

It's funny to remember that three years ago at this time we were in Italy together. It was where our friendship really blossomed and where we became real friends... the kind you talk about honest feelings with and understand each other's sense of humor. It has been the best getting to know her as my new sister and having another newlywed to talk to about marriage things. I always enjoy being around Bethany.

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