moments of 2012 that went un-blogged...

We made our own wedding invitations together. Many many thanks to Bethany, who designed our perfect wedding invitations and carved stamps for us. I knew from the beginning I wanted to make our own invitations, but I never imagined they could look so cool! This was a really fun Friday night, and my parents were surprised waking up Saturday morning to invitations everywhere in the dining room, which was fun.

We said goodbye to Aunt Dorothy. I am so thankful she lived with us for a while before she died. It was so nice to get to know her and hear about her life. It was difficult celebrating our first Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve without her, but I think of her every time I wear her gold snake ring or bright pink skirt and I smile. 

Tim took a picture of my butt. That's it.

I witnessed one of the coolest proposals ever! I love engagement stories and weddings and everything involved, so I was SO happy to be invited to Danny's surprise proposal to Mimi. It was a lot of fun being engaged at the same time as Mimi and talking wedding with her, too. 

I watched proudly as Tim presented his senior project with his partner, Bryce. He did such a good job! As nervous as he gets sometimes, he is a great presenter and he would make an awesome professor in the future. 

We got the apartment of our dreams! It was the only apartment we applied for, and Tim even took a chance applying for it without having seen it. I knew as soon as I walked in he would love it, and he did! We have loved making this space our home. Tim's mom was nice enough to sew us some great curtains and we had a lot of fun putting them up. 

We took a girls bachelorette camping trip in Malibu! It was so much fun to get away for a night before the wedding. We swam in the rock pool and made Reese's s'mores and talked and had girl time. It was lovely. 

We got married! Even though everyone knows this, I realize I never blogged about the wedding. It was the perfect day and our wedding turned out exactly how we had hoped. I love looking back on our pictures and remembering the little details of our day. My favorite part was hearing Tim's vows. Our ceremony was most important part for us, and thanks to Hank, it was perfect.

Jody and I threw Bethany a bridal shower in October. Bethany said she wanted a shower that resembled afternoon tea with her girl friends, so we had a lot of fun carrying out that idea. It was nice giving Bethany a special day with her friends.

Emily and I decided to take our business more seriously. We bought this amazing stamp and created tags for our items. Also, we decided to redo all our pictures, which has been a slower process than we planned. This year we are hoping to have a booth at the Patchwork Fair!

We celebrated our first Christmas as husband and wife! We had so much fun picking out a Christmas tree and decorating it together. I tried to make us stockings, but then realized I had not left enough time, and knitting a sock is so strange at first. I ended up making one and hating it, so we bought some from the dollar store. We decided we would spend 25 on each other's stockings and we could only buy things from the dollar store. This is how we ended up with chop sticks and batman tattoos in our stockings... so much fun!

Seattle!! After an extremely hard semester and trying to adjust to marriage, we needed a trip away to just focus on each other. It was everything we wanted. We didn't plan anything, we just walked around and explored. Pike's Place Market was so much fun, and it was a total score because we came home with two art prints that we both love! I would love to go back sometime.

It was an unforgettable year. 2013 has so much potential and I am excited to see where we end up.

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