my first guest post!

Since I am currently computer-less (let's not talk about it, I'm still annoyed) some of my favorite people volunteered to guest post on the blog. I love guest posts for two reasons... 1. My blog is still being updated. 2. I get to learn new and fun things about my friends! 

The first is from Kristiana. 

While Alanah and Tim are putting the finishing touches on their big day, she's letting me relive some of my wedding on her blog!
I got married eight years ago, and I loved my wedding day. Hank, my husband, and I had the best time planning, executing and enjoying it. I thought I would make a top ten list of things I liked most.

1. Hank and I planned pretty much everything together. It was a great team effort. Planning so much together really helped us practice communicating with one another, i.e. I was a little concerned when he kept saying he wanted a "white suit", until he showed me a picture and I finally understood he meant 'white linen suit', not 'white 70s tuxedo'. The white suit incident taught me to trust Hank and his taste. We also learned, when something is important we need to speak up and the other needs to listen.

2. Our first dance. When we were deciding on our first dance it was easy to nail down the song we wanted. Before we were dating we went to a dance together in college, "Fly me to the Moon" came on, but because it was still technically dinner no one was dancing, Hank asked me to dance anyway and I said yes. Later that night we sang the song to each other and danced alone on the deck of the Queen Mary. Dancing for the first time as husband and wife to Frank Sinatra was the best feeling. It was perfect.
3 . I loved our flowers. We decided to do our own flowers, first we went to the L.A. flower district on a scouting and pricing expedition. Hank and I got to see what was in bloom and mentally put together what the bouquets would be like. The day before the wedding we went back with ice chests and a van to buy everything. The night before the wedding we assembled the bouquets in our hotel room.

 4. J. Crew. All our dresses were from J. Crew. I believe I am correct in saying everyone wore their dresses more than once. It was wonderfully coincidental that there was a J. Crew in the same place as our wedding.
After the wedding we asked the sales people if we could take a picture in the window and they said no. My bridesmaids did it anyway, because the window in the back had easy access. I still regret not getting in that picture, but I am a rule follower.
5. My dress had a pocket.
6. I ugly cried. I started crying before I saw Hank. It wasn't from sadness, just concentrated joy and the realization that I was really getting married. I also cried when trying to tell everyone at the reception how happy I was to get to celebrate with them. I was a blubbering mess. I should learn my lesson, when I am incredibly happy or sad, I should never never be handed a microphone.
7. The food and location.  We love the restaurant where we were married. We loved deciding to get married on the balcony instead of anywhere else. And we loved the food. It was so good. We opted not to have a wedding cake because made from scratch tiramisu came with the meal.
8. Our wedding rings. Growing up I never knew my grandma had other rings than the one she wore. I never saw her engagement ring until the day Hank proposed. I'm so happy grandma offered, and Hank decided, to use her wedding and engagement ring. I used the silver in my grandfather's ring to have Hank's ring made.
9. Mimi told me that she's never seen so many men cry at once. Apparently I was not the only one crying, everyone else was too!! Except my mom, she just smiled the whole time.
10. Marrying Hank. It goes without saying, but makes a good final point, the wedding was fun and so much of what we wanted, but at the end of the day, being Hank's wife, and starting our life together was the best moment of the day and many days after.
Congratulations Alanah and Tim!! Hank and I are so blessed to be in your life and we're so excited for your wedding day and your marriage.



GREAT post, Kristiana. What a treat. I wish I had known you and Hank eight years ago because your wedding looks like it was really beautiful.

AGOG with God said...

Congratulations Alanah and Tim. Thank you for the opportunity to see and read Kristiana's (used to rhyme with 'banana') reliving of her wedding day. I had completely forgotten about breaking a rule (see J. Crew window photo) but NOT the joy I felt at getting to witness such a unique occasion. May God bless and keep you both through the years, Kristiana's mom (the smiley one :)

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