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Me again, talking more about weddings and wedding going. Who knew I had all this pent up wedding posting in me?
After getting married I had a whole new outlook on my participation as a wedding guest. I understood the importance of RSVPing in a whole new light. It was shortly after our wedding that Hank and I came up with an official set of rules we like to follow as wedding guests. They are as follows:
1. Always buy a gift off the registry.
2. Stay until the party is over.
3. Dance.
I think number three is our most important and our favorite. But I'll break down the meaning behind all of them...
1. Always buy a gift off the registry.
Since I got married at the ripe old age of 21 - I know right?! - Hank and I had very little to our name. The things we registered for were things we needed. How would we flip pancakes without a spatula? What do you mean spatulas are actually what you use to scrape a bowl? What's the pancake flipper called? Anyway, we needed things and those things we put on a list. Before I was a bride I didn't understand why I would want to buy something as boring for a friend as a toaster, but when you really want toast, you'll thank that friend. One of my roommates in college bought me my red kitchen aid coffee grinder. I use it all the time and often think of her.
Excuses and exception to the rule:
1. We can't always afford the nice gifts, or the thing I wanted to buy was already purchased by a more eager guest...we get gift certificates. It's my go to.
2. I use wedding showers as an excuse to buy the couple whatever I want. I think that's fair.
2. Stay until the party is over.
We were bummed out when our friends had to leave early. I understand now that there are plenty of reasons to leave a party early, but parties are more fun when people stay. The really good dancing doesn't get going until hour three.
Excuses and exception to the rule:
1. Your baby needs to go to sleep. I understand this exception now that I have a baby. Babies are delicate little flowers and I would not get in the way of my child and a good night sleep, likewise, don't get in the way of a mother trying to make sure her child gets a good night sleep.
2. You drove a long time to get there. I like a goodnight's sleep as well, so if the wedding is quite a drive, it is understandable that people need to leave early. Also, if you have a babysitter at home. I understand babysitters are expensive, and since you paid for one so you could dance undistracted for a few hours, I applaud you. Onto point three!
3. Dance. (Especially when the bride and groom are dancing).
Also can be combined with, 'Dance like no one is watching'. 
As the bride and groom you want to know your guests are having a good time, and it's kind of awkward when the dance floor looks like a jr. high dance.
Nothing is better, in my opinion, than a full dance floor. You know what's great about a full dance floor? It means most people are dancing, which means less people are standing around watching a few people dance, which means no one is watching you. Bethany and Eric are my all time favorite wedding guest dancers. Show up to Alanah and Tim's wedding and find out how great. I think our friendship was deepened 45% when we attended a wedding together. Dancing brings people together and helps you work off the food you ate, thus making more room for cake.
Excuses and exceptions to the rule:
1. Oh my goodness, I've been dancing for hours and I need a tiny short break. At the last wedding I attended, I really didn't pace myself and over estimated my stamina. I needed a break, so I regrouped and got back out there.
2. You're older and don't know how to dance to 'Single Ladies'. I think requesting songs you want to dance to is totally acceptable. 
So there you have it, insight into the inner workings of Hank and me as wedding guests. We're beyond excited to follow all three rules in just a few short days when Alanah and Tim tie the knot. 



When Alanah and friends first mentioned the idea of guest bloggers who would blog about marriage and weddings, I suspect my subconscious mind balked at the thought of reading such fluffy, cloyingly sentimental content. Alas, I stand corrected. Kristiana, you have made reading about marriage and weddings interesting, informative, and fun. Well done, old sport.

Kristiana said...

Kris, I'm happy to help. I really have decided everything is better in list form. That may have helepd the situation as well.