a monday in photos.

1. Finishing up the second blanket I have made so far for our future apartment. Next blanket will be yellow and grey.
2. Being sick... favorite remedy is water + green tea + honey + sugar + lemon juice.
3. Making more yarn poms for our wedding. I have spent so much time on them that I really hope my idea turns out fantastic and not stupid.
4. Making a million wedding invitations... real number came out to 97. And that's just one of the sides!
5. Cutting burlap for another wedding idea.
6. A new watch! P.S. Ignore the messiness that is my room in the background. I am under the idea that I am moving out in less than 2 months, so why clean my room now when I will just have to clean it again later? Right? Amen? I know, I should really clean it.

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