Happy Birthday future husband!

Dear Tim,
I love you so much and I am so happy to know you and be your future wife. So, on your 23rd birthday, here are 23 things I love about you....

I love the way you let me hug you for as long as I like.
I love that when you hold my hand you sometimes feel my ring and give me an excited smile as if to say I can't believe we are getting married!
I love that you always comment on how soft my lips are. (Years of obsessive chapstick finally paid off.)
I love your hands.
I love that you still draw hilarious comics.
I love that you unashamedly love cats.
I love how much you enjoy taking walks with me.
I love the way you look in every jacket you wear. You look especially amazing in the one above.
I love that you got me obsessed with bowling and you enjoy it as much as I do.
I love when you have a really good unexpected laugh and you throw your head back and laugh out loud. I love when I am able to make you laugh that hard.
I love that you always say hello to my parents when you come over and you make it a point to say goodbye when you leave.
I love how interested in plants you have gotten lately.
I love that you are one of the smartest people I know. I hope our kids have your smart genes.
I love that you suggested a techno song for our first dance.
I love the way you nuzzle your head against the back of my neck.
I love that you are willing to help me with any wedding planning.
I love that you hold me accountable for the goals that I set.
I love the stubble on your neck and face. So sexy.
I love that you can talk about engineering stuff with my dad.
I love that you are always down for some good pinkberry.
I love the way your face looks when you are genuinely smiling.
I love that you always have a pen on hand.
I love when you put your arm around me in church and pull me close as if to say, you are mine.

Happy birthday, my love.

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