a weekend wedding.

Last Saturday we went to the wedding of friend of Tim's from childhood. Since I didn't know how long it would take us to get there, and I always multiply what I think it will take by three (I really don't like being late) we got there super early! Luckily, I had left my Polaroid camera in the car, so we had some fun taking pictures. We started out just smiling, and then we got silly. By we, I mean me.
The wedding was really beautiful. One reason I love weddings is because they are all so unique. It was a completely different wedding than ours, but still so fun and uplifting. Also, the groom's family is from Iraq so their family dancing was very similar to the Greek dancing, which is the best thing to watch!

It was a really fun wedding, and it was great to hang out with Tim's sister and mother. Plus, I enjoy dressing up and seeing my man in a tie. He's pretty hot.

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