the white buffalo @ the observatory

I haven't been to a White Buffalo show in a long time, so it was fun to see him again and feel that inspiration. It's amazing to see someone do something so well, you know? I love watching people do things they are passionate about. And this guy exudes passion... from the opening note to the time he is forced to finish because he has busted all his guitar strings and can no longer play.

It was even sweeter to be able to see friends and hang out with my sister. We have been able to see each other a lot lately, and I love it. She has walked ahead of me, taking this weight loss journey, and she looks amazing! Just being around her motivates me and helps me to realize how far I can be a year from now if I stick with it.

It's Friday again... the weeks go by so fast. Our Saturday is pretty busy, but I am hoping for a relaxing Sunday so we can spend some quality time together. No one told me when you get married you seem to spend less time together than when you were dating...

happy weekend friends.

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