honeymoon polaroids

It was our first trip alone together, and we think it was a big success. We started in Laguna, where we had the best breakfast ever. Then we traveled to Solvang, where we realized there is not much to do for the crowd under 65. Next was camping in Santa Margarita, where of course, due to our luck, the pool was closed the ONE day we were there. Boo. Then we went to Monterey, where we saw the aquarium. Last we camped for two nights in Pfeiffer, Big Sur. It was just as lovely as we imagined it to be.

A road trip for a honeymoon is pretty much the greatest thing, I am convinced. We spent hours getting to know each other and laughing about the new things we found out, even though we had been dating so long. And now, after many driving conversations, we have the names of our first five children already picked out. Middle names and all.

A successful trip indeed.

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NICE. I dig it. I dig you two as a married couple.