moving day!

Yesterday was the first day we were officially allowed to start moving things into our apartment. I had been giddy, looking forward to Sunday, all week. I had the best time packing stuff up in my room and looking through old memories. We were lucky enough to have our parents help us, and Tessa, Kayleen, and Julie. Since neither of us is living there permanently until after the wedding, we did not have too many things to move in this first day. Instead, we will be moving in gradually, which is almost more fun. And easy, I think. 
This weekend was one of the most stressful, emotional, tiring ones of my life. And then after everyone had left the apartment and it was just me and Tim there was a magical moment. I was putting wedding dishes away and he was strumming on his guitar and he gave me this look I will never forget. The look that says, this is it! This is what marriage is all about.... starting our lives together and building something where there was nothing. I am so happy we found an apartment we love and we got a small taste of the goodness we will feel in 25 days when we are officially Mr. and Mrs.

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AWESOME. Just... awesome.