oh, hello may!

I cannot believe that today is the first of May. It was a month that I thought would never come, for a few reasons. One being, the middle of May marks the end of my first year in graduate school. I really thought that would never come! Paper upon paper, group projects for days, and working 16 hrs/week for free. It was a difficult transition, and I wanted to quit many times. Now that I am at the other end, I am so glad I hung in there. 

May also means there are now officially less than THREE months until our wedding. I never imagined the time would go by so fast. I am really excited to be out of school because that means long days of making things for the wedding, which I am so anxious to start. I caught a glimpse of my wedding dress on a website the other day and my heart just got so happy. It is really beautiful. 

May means really amazing things are just around the corner. 

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