I picked up this scarf from my Aunt Dorothy's house while we looked through her things. It was such a fun experience to hear my sisters yell from the other room to come and stumbling upon some more treasures that we never knew she had. We found old picture slides, real fur coats, hand knit sweaters, and so much more. It was great and sad at the same time. I feel like I never really knew her, and now she's gone and I don't have a change to ask her about her travels to Italy or what it was like growing up in Germany.

I think about her every time I wear this scarf or that high waisted pink skirt or those sunglasses from the 70's. She had some amazing things, and I think she would be proud that my sisters and I are wearing them and loving them. I am so happy to have the hope in Christ that we will see each other in heaven again. 

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His Little Lady said...

what a beautiful scarf and beautiful story behind it. i know that one day you will see each other and you can ask all the questions you desire about her travels and life :)
xo TJ