It's a hard word. There never feels like enough time. And even when you have the reassurance that someone will be united with Christ in heaven, you still miss them and wish you had more time to learn about them.

But then there is this magical thing that happens around death. People band together. Family gets closer. Last night, my entire family (including a sibling's wife, son, and boyfriend) were here at the house once we learned my aunt took a turn for the worst. We sat and talked together through our tears and laughter, and even though sadness surrounded us, we were close. Closer than I feel like we ever have been.

And even though death is difficult, you want to be able to laugh with your family. So we ate brandy beans in honor of my aunt, had beers, and played taboo. We haven't played a family game in years, and I haven't seen my dad laugh so hard in a while. It is nice to laugh when everything in the house feels somber.

It is times like last night that make me certain I want to someday have children. Tim will jokingly tell you that I change my mind every week. But last night seeing what it is like to be a real family, to have everyone caring for each other's needs and coming together to make something good out of a sad situation, it makes me want that. Someday.

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