the count is dwindling.

There are 140 days left until our wedding day. I wrote the count on my wall and erased one every day that passed. It makes it more fun, like ripping a paper chain while counting the days until Christmas.

Everyone told me that this engagement time would go by really fast, and to enjoy it. And I laughed thinking, how could it possibly go by fast when I am THIS impatient? Yet, it's true. Suddenly I feel as if there is not enough time to do everything I want to do before I get married. Like making blankets for our future apartment. And framing all the pictures I want to put on our future walls. And registering for everything we will need. And then, you know, planning a wedding.

It really is going by fast. I feel like July 27 will be here before we know it, and then we will look back and wonder where the time went. Although I guess that's how most of life is.

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