San Diego.

We took a day trip to San Diego yesterday as a last hurrah before school/internship started again. Our plan is to take a long road trip for our honeymoon, so this was just a little practice one. Conversation in the car revolved around future marriage, what we believe our strengths are, things we do that might annoy the other, and what we thought about Ephesians 5:22.

First we went to Seaport Village where we fell in love with hundred dollar bracelets (mainly, me), stopped at a really cool coffee/book store, ate a delicious gyro at this sweet Greek restaurant, and watched some ducks play.
Then we hit up Balboa Park and had a picnic lunch and stopped at the Botanical Gardens (Tim's favorite!)
Last we shopped around Old Town and stopped for root beer floats (buy one, get one free!)
It was a really great day for both of us. We love San Diego, and next time we plan to explore even more.


Kristiana said...

are you going to post your thoughts on ephesians?
My friend got married at balboa park, where the shops are. It was such a fun wedding.

Heather Nicole said...

Hey, you two sound just like me and my boyfriend! We live the spots you two went to and are in fact going this weekend. Too cute.. Love the pics :) It makes me want to document our trips there too!