colors colors colors

When I first told a friend Tim and I were planning to get engaged, one of the first things she asked was, "What are your colors?!" In terms of wedding planning, I feel like two words describe me: minimalist and non-traditional. I didn't even think about having colors. I like a whole range of colors and I enjoy displaying all of them, so why did I have to classify my wedding in terms of two or three? Then I was faced with the task of picking the bridesmaids dress color. My favorite color is orange. Tim hates orange. Tim loves brown. I hate brown. I thought this may be a daunting task. Then I saw an image that really captured what I wanted for my wedding. It looked simple, effortless, and classy. I decided to use those three colors (and probably add a ton more in decorations and such).
Mint green, yellow, and a light brown. I love the combination and it feels very summer to me. Our bridesmaids are wearing mint green dresses and I plan to decorate the centerpieces with yellow flowers. I also plan to add other colors and maybe some fabric designs, but these can be classified as "our colors", for anyone who asks.

Now we are off to take some engagement pictures with my brother and sister. Should be fun!

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